Future Man

Future man will have used his intelligence to advance to the next level of humanity. He will have put his ugly past behind him.

Future man will see all his fellow humans as kindred. The artificial boundaries of nations, colors, and creeds will be gone. There will be no more wars. Poverty, disease, and other hardships will not be tolerated. Man will accept and embrace his spirituality. For future man, God will be a unifying, motivating force. Instead of praying to God for personal favor, future man will accept his responsibilities to God to achieve His goals. Man will accept his responsibility to the future—the future of man, the future of life. There will be no more selfish acts that impact future generations. No more plundering of natural resources by the “now” generation. No more damage to the biosphere. No more extinctions of other life by man. Future man will give true substance to the word “humanity.”

Excerpt from “The Future of Man – Extinction or Glory?“