The Honourable Mayor Rob Ford – a Canadian wish for Christmas

It is indeed ironic that the title of a mayor is “His (or her) Honour” because honour is at the very top of the list of words that should not be used in the same sentence as Rob Ford. Of course the same holds true for “the Honourable” Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau. And I don’t even want to think about our “Right Honourable” Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s involvement in the Senate scandal…

Webster’s definition of the word honour includes: “excellence of character; high moral worth; virtue…” But when I think of honour I think of the Japanese. Now that is extreme, I admit…I mean suicide by disembowelment?? But if Hari Kari (or Seputo) is gross and extreme, what can you say about Rob Ford? (or did I already say it…)

If the Japanese cultural view of honour is at the extreme of sensitivity, Rob Ford’s view of honour is clearly at the extreme of total disregard. And the lies… There is an old saying “Lies, damn lies and statistics”. Well, I think its time for a new version. “Lies, damn lies, and Rob Ford.”

And yet Rob Ford still wears the chain of office.

Now I can understand that our legal system does not view the numerous wire-tapped conversations of various highly dishonourable citizens as evidence, but there is one person who certainly knows whether Rob Ford is guilty of a) doing drugs (and lying about it), b) attempting to buy the evidence (that he said didn’t exist) and c) asking his tax-payer-funded facilitator/bodyguards to secure and destroy the same evidence using extortion and, perhaps, worse… That one person is Rob Ford.

It doesn’t have to be Seputo, Mr. Ford, but at least your contrite resignation…please…

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