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The Future of Man – by Evolution

Man’s closest relative on Earth is the chimpanzee. Our DNA is 98.5% identical. Small as it is, that difference sets us worlds apart — and evolution is widening the gap at an accelerating pace. From an evolutionary standpoint, the critical difference between us and our primate cousins is that we have achieved a level of… Read more The Future of Man – by Evolution

Tribalism – our fatal flaw?

There are a few good “isms” (altruism being the slam-dunk winner) but, let’s face it, most of them are bad. Cannibalism, nepotism, alcoholism, fanaticism and terrorism are examples – and in the “prejudice/bias” category we have racism, sexism, and (newly invented) ageism and weightism. But the worst ism of all is tribalism. Tribalism, in fact,… Read more Tribalism – our fatal flaw?